Wednesday, March 23, 2011

April 1, 2011 (Lev. 4; Psalms 1-2; Prov. 19; Col. 2)

Psalm 2 is what some people call a royal or a Messianic Psalm. It is called this because it speaks about God’s chosen Messiah who will one day rule and reign over all the nations. We know this to be none other than Jesus Christ. In light of the fact that He will reign the Psalm encourages all of us to some particular actions. Verses 10-12 outline the actions that the Psalmist is encouraging us to take. There are basically three actions: serve Him with fear, rejoice with trembling, and Kiss the Son. The Kiss that he speaks of is a kiss of homage. What the Psalmist is calling us to do is what the ‘rulers’ in this Psalm refuse to do, namely, bow before Christ and honor Him as He is.
To Kiss the Son means that we bow before Him and give Him adoration as our rightful king. Rebellious man will not do this. I pray that you will not be found to be in that rebellious number. Remember that the hands that Jesus holds out for you to kiss in homage are nail pierced hands that bled for you. One day He is coming to crush in His wrath all those who rebel against Him, but today is a day of His grace. Do not despise it! “Blessed are all who take refuge in Him!” (v.12)

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