Wednesday, March 23, 2011

April 18, 2011 (Lev. 22; Ps.28-29; Ecc. 5; 2 Tim. 1)

2 Timothy  is probably the last book that the Apostle Paul wrote before he was beheaded by Nero around 67 A.D. It is his “Swan’s Song”. It is his final message. Notice he does not try and recruit the prayer warriors from the group in Acts 12 who “prayed” Peter out of prison.  He really does not seem concerned with his own welfare at all. He is totally at peace that his God is in control of his fate (see 4:16-18).
What I find amazing about this letter is that Paul is writing to encourage his young protégé and child in the faith, Timothy. Paul is in distress and yet he seeks to encourage others. It convicts me about my conduct when I suffer. I am afraid that I do not usually respond to my suffering by trying to encourage someone else. Perhaps that may be one of the many reasons I find the level of Paul’s joy, at times, mind baffling. Any Amens?

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