Friday, July 29, 2011

August 22, 2011 (1 Samuel 14; Romans 12; Jeremiah 51; Psalm 30)

The book of Romans is the weightiest tome of theology ever compressed into one letter. It has been instrumental at many stages of church history in realigning the Church’s thoughts on God. Time and time again the theology found here has brought the followers of Christ back to a orthodox understanding of the Gospel. And the first 11 chapters are pure, logical, theological arguments. But then we get to chapter 12.
In Romans 12 there is a turning point. From here until the rest of the book Paul leaves his theological discoursing and speaks very practically. In other words, he begins to show how a proper understanding of theology should work itself out into the lives of Christians. Indeed if our Theology (study of God) does not find expression in Doxology (worship) then all the former will do is puff us up in pride.
That is why Paul begins the chapter the way he does, namely, by saying that because of the beautiful mercy displayed by God on our behalf (v.1) we should now offer our bodies as living sacrifices! The rest of the chapter and book will flesh out what this means . The question I want to pose to us today is, “Will our Bible reading today usher me into worship (both with my lips and life)?” If not we are not where Paul (and Jesus) wants us.

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