Friday, July 29, 2011

August 4, 2011 (Judges 18; Acts 22; Jeremiah 32; Psalms 1-2)

It is interesting to note that in Psalm 1 the “righteous” person is first described by what he does not do. He does not “walk”, “stand”, or “sit” with the wicked. Notice the downward progression. This is the perpetual motion that sin always leads its captors in. First we are casually walking in the advice of the wicked world. We start listening to how this world says we should plan for the future and live in the present. We listen so long that one day we find that our relationship with the world is no mere casual acquaintance but now we are “standing” in the very ways of sinners. Whereas before we merely listened to the world’s advice, now we do exactly what they do so much that our lives are indistinguishable. Eventually the inevitable happens to such a person, namely, he begins to reside (sit) with those who openly mock and ridicule God and his people and his ways.
I often say that I want to be more known for what I am for than for what I am against. This Psalm, however, cautions me to make sure I am known for what I am against. Both should be evident in the life of a Christ follower. Are they evident in you?

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