Friday, July 29, 2011

August 25, 2011 (1 Sameul 17; Romans 15; Lamentations 3; Psalm 33)

This meditation will build off of August 22nd’s. We said there that our Theology (study of God) should issue forth into doxology (worship). If it does not then something is wrong. But doxology is not the final stop. Once our Theology is enflamed into Doxology it should launch us out into missiology (doing missions)! In other words, if we are thinking rightly about GOD it will lead us to worshiping God and to a desire to want as many others to worship Him as we can get to worship Him.
Indeed this is the reason why Paul says he is writing to the Romans (15:22-29). Paul wants this theological treatise to cause hearts of worship that spill out into mission (specifically in this case – to Spain). So will what you read in the word today motivate you to share it with others? If not you (I) are missing the point of the Bible!

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