Sunday, December 19, 2010

January 20 (Genesis 21; Matthew 20; Nehemiah 10; Acts 20)

“Not so with you”. These are the words Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 20:26. In the context of the passage He is talking about leadership. Some of the disciples were asking to be put in the highest positions of leadership. They wanted to have better seats than everyone else. This caused the other guys to get really mad and then an argument erupted as to who among them really was the greatest and deserved the best seats, so to speak.

Then Jesus said, “Not so with you.” What He was saying was, “You guys are acting like everyone else in the world. You are acting like you don’t even know me. You are acting like lost people. What you should be doing is asking how you can stoop and serve your friends. This is greatness in my eyes, in the eyes of God.”

So, do you want to be great? Don't look to Forbes for your model or to Hollywood. Look to Christ who, “though He was rich yet for our sake He became poor that we, through His poverty, might become rich.” (2 Cor.8:9)

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