Sunday, December 19, 2010

January 6 (Genesis 6; Matthew 6; Ezra 6; Acts 6)

What is the primary responsibility of those who serve in Pastoral roles? Acts 6:4 gives us the answer, namely, devotion to the ministry of the Word and prayer. That’s it! That is what should take priority in the function of the Pastoral team here at Lake Gaston Baptist and at any local church body. Pray for your Pastors to reflect these priorities in their lives. Indeed, there are many other “good” things that can be done in service to the kingdom. Serving widows is a very “good” ministry and something not to be undone.
Sometimes, however, the “good” can very easily become the enemy of the “best” and if these good things interfere with the word ministry and prayer ministry than others must rise up to meet those needs. The Apostles recognized this and God blessed them as they properly prioritized their ministry and delegated duties. Indeed had they not prioritized thusly they would have found their ministry of mercy to soon run out of steam for it is only the ministry of the word and intercessory prayer that fuels any valid expression of mercy.

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  1. I would say Pastor Dave that this is a matter of balance. No one likes being spread so thin that they lose sight of the goal. So we as servants, should be sensative to the needs of those who have authority over us. I would also add that we should try to do our task in groups of two at least. First, lest any man should boast and second so there is a spiritual safety factor to avoid gossip and prevent the tempter from any kind of victory. Bro Doug