Sunday, December 19, 2010

January 26 (Genesis 27; Matthew 26; Esther 3; Acts 26)

Matthew 26:6-13 records the story of how Mary anointed the head of Jesus with perfume. This was a picture of his coming death and burial and by anointing his head Mary was expressing her faith in what Jesus was going to do on the cross for her and all who trust in Him. It was also an expression of her love for Jesus.

This perfume was extremely expensive. In fact it was so expensive that some of the folks at the table got ticked off that she had “wasted” it and not sold it for a whole bunch of money and given the money to the poor. Jesus, however, rebuked those folks and told everyone that what Mary had done was so good that she would be honored everywhere this gospel is preached throughout all of time. Why did Jesus say this?

 Truly, the folks who got mad where right. If she would have sold the perfume there could have been a lot of money given to the poor. Mark 14:5 tells us that the perfume cost about 300 denarius, which is about a year’s amount of wages. In our day, even if we shot low in our average, that would be about $20,000 or $30,000. And she “blew” it all on Jesus in one night!

Here is the lesson. There are times for costly, extravagant acts of devotion to Jesus! He is worthy. What are some ways that you think you can show costly, extravagant devotion to Jesus today?

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