Sunday, December 19, 2010

January 24 (Genesis 25; Matthew 24; Esther 1; Acts 24)

Matthew 24:14 is one of the verses that shapes the way I breathe. Jesus told His disciples in that verse, “this gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and then the end will come.” There are about 14,000 “nations” (depending on how you define “nation”) in the world today. That word “nations” means “people groups”. About 6,500 of these people groups still do not have the gospel. So what? So, we need to do all we can to ensure that they get it if we want the end to come soon. And why should we want the end to come? Because that is when we get to see Jesus in all of His glory and dwell in His presence forever. This is what every true believer longs for. Do you long for that? If so, what are you doing to make sure the gospel spreads to those who have never heard?

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