Sunday, December 19, 2010

January 27 (Genesis 28; Matthew 27; Esther 4; Acts 27)

The book of Esther does not mention “God”, but God is all over this book. It really is an exciting read. This whole book is about how God saved the Jewish race from being annihilated by an evil man named Haman. One of the heroes in the story is a man named Mordecai. He is the uncle to Esther who happens to be the queen. Both of them are Jews and run the risk of being exterminated if evil Haman gets his way. Mordecai, therefore, tells Esther that she should go before the king and ask him to stop Haman. This is a very dangerous thing for Esther to do, for to go before the king without being invited could mean execution. Esther, therefore, is not sure she wants to do this.

That is where Esther 4:14 comes in. Speaking to Esther in her fear Mordecai says, “if you remain silent at this time relief and deliverance will arise from the Jews from another place, yet you and your father’s house will perish. Yet, who knows whether you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this?”
 Mordecai was expressing two truths with this statement.

1) God is sovereign! He keeps His promises and no one can prevent Him from keeping those promises. He will protect His people from annihilation. This is why Mordecai can confidently say, “relief will arise”.

.2) God uses people to fulfill His purposes. The fact that He is sovereign should never prevent us from doing what we are supposed to do. God has put you on this planet for a reason. Yes, He is totally in control, but your friend needs to hear about Christ. Who knows whether you have come into the kingdom to be the one to tell them of Christ!

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