Sunday, December 19, 2010

January 22 (Genesis 23; Matthew 22; Nehemiah 12; Acts 22)

One of the best ways we can encourage one another as a church family is by sharing our stories of how we came to know the Lord. This was perhaps the most beneficial aspect about my time among you last month when I was separated from Katie and the kidos. I was privileged to be in your homes and in your lives hearing about what the Lord had done in and through you. I was privileged to hear your “testimonies.” Hopefully we will be able to incorporate some testimony time into our Sunday Night services this year. If called upon to give your testimony I wonder what you would say. If you can not readily think about what you would say perhaps you need to learn from Paul today.

There are about four different occasions in the book of Acts where Paul gives his testimony before various sets of people. In Acts 22 he is giving his testimony before an angry crowd that has just tried to kill him. Read the chapter and notice the three elements Paul uses in his testimony. 1) What his life was like before he met Christ. 2) How he met Christ. And 3) How his life is different now that he has come to know Christ. Does your testimony include these three elements? If not, why not? 

Some who came to know the Lord at a young age might not be able to point to an exact date in which they know they were converted. If that is you, don’t worry too much. The main thing to think about is your life now. Is your life now bearing fruit for the glory of God? Billy Graham’s wife (Ruth Graham) could not point to a date in which she was converted. Her words, however, are very encouraging. She said, “I don’t know when the sun came up but I know its shining.” IS the SON shining in your heart today?

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