Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 16 (Gen.49; Lk. 2; Job 15; 1 Cor.3)

If we have been reading our Bibles with the proper sensitivity this week we will have probably picked up on a recurring theme; “Don’t live for this temporary life; live for that life that is to come.” The last two devotions deal pretty explicitly with this theme. This is because the whole Bible was written to train us to live in this way. Sometimes an example, like Jacob, is put before us to teach us how eternally minded people talk. At other times there is teaching (such as in Job 14) about how God powerfully limits our short lives. In 1 Corinthians 3 Paul tells us of the rewards that are coming to eternally minded people.  In verses 10-15 Paul tells us that all believers are building, with their lives, on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Some build with such material (gold, silver, precious stones) that the fires of God’s judgment do not consume them and they have great reward. Others build with weak materials (wood, hay, straw) the fire consumes the material and they have no reward. There is much that can be said on this passage but this much is clear. God will reward His children for the way they labored for Jesus. A second truth can be added to this first truth, namely, it is not wrong to want these rewards.

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