Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2 (Gen.34; Mark 5; Job 1; Rom.5)

IF someone were going to shoot your mom or dad or your son or daughter do you think you would jump in the way of the bullet? What about if someone was going to shoot your teammate or co-worker? Or what about that person that makes your stomach cringe every time you see him or her? What if that person was about to be shot? Would you take the bullet for them? This is the kind of reasoning that Paul uses in Romans 5 to communicate to us how great is the love of God in Christ. Verse 8 says, “…while we were still sinners (v.10 clarifies that this means we are God’s enemies) Christ died for us.” As we are preparing for AWANA praise night tonight why not join the Cubbies and memorize this verse today!

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