Thursday, February 24, 2011

March 14, 2009 (Ex. 25; Jn. 4; Proverbs 1; 2 Cor. 13)

None of us like tests. Tests mean that there is a possibility that we might fail what we are being tested in. That is what produces sleepless nights of study, serious study groups, and pre-test jitters. There are, however, some good aspects of tests. Tests, if administered properly, are a good gauge of determining what someone has learned or mastered.
 Did you know that the Bible tells us to test ourselves? The test, however, that the Bible calls for is not math or science or even English. The test that the Bible calls us to take is far more serious. 2 Corinthians 13: 5 says that we are to , “Examine yourselves to see whether we are in the faith; Test yourselves. Do you not know that Jesus Christ lives in you? Unless of course you fail the test.” Every one who professes the name of Christ is called to examine his or herself. We are called to look at our lives and see if those lives really do reflect the life of Christ. He lives in all those who truly follow Him and He produces fruit in their lives that is solid evidence and that gives proof that they belong to Him. So give yourself a test today. Does Christ really live in you? I pray that you will not fail this test.

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