Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 8 (Gen.41; Mark 11; Job 7; Romans 11)

God is a God of love! Amen and Amen! The Scriptures teach us this wonderful truth. We like this truth! God, however, is not just a huge ball of love. There is much more to God than that. God is also a God who judges; a God who is angry at evil; a God who is jealous for people to worship Him; a God who is terribly majestic in His holiness. And on and on we could go. Paul picks up on this a little in Romans 11. In this chapter Paul is explaining how the Gentiles came into the true olive tree of God’s chosen people. They came in because some of the natural branches (the unbelieving Jewish people) were cut off.  These people rejected Christ as the Messiah and thus God rejected them. This is when Paul in verse 22 says, “Note therefore the KINDNESS and SEVERITY of God.” God is kind to some and He is severe to some, and Paul wants us to note both of these facts. In other words he wants us to meditate on them often. What good do you think it would do to meditate on God’s severity? 

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