Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 5 (Genesis 38; Mark 8; Job 4; Romans 8 )

Jesus was and is a miracle worker. During His time here on this earth all our Lord had to do to heal was say a word. That is all just a word. Knowing this, when we come to Mark 8:22-26 we might be puzzled. In this story Jesus heals a blind man, but it takes Him two times before the man sees everything clearly. After the first attempt the man saw people, but they were distorted like trees walking.What is going on here? Was Jesus not having a good day? Did He not eat His Wheaties that morning? No, no, we know He could have healed him the first time. We have already seen that kind of power demonstrated in the book of Mark.I believe many things are going on here, one of which I shall comment on.  We live in a “drive-thru” /microwave/ 1 minute ready rice culture. We want stuff and we want stuff now.  Sometimes God does not choose to heal instantly. Sometimes He chooses to take us through a long process of healing or restoration or growth. We want it yesterday, but He wisely leads us down the path of learning to trust in Him.God can and does, at times, work instantly but don’t begrudge the process He might be leading you through. Seek to learn from Him. Speaking of learning, what else can we learn from this passage?

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