Thursday, February 24, 2011

March 1, 2009 (Ex. 12:21-51; Lk. 15; Job 30; 1 Cor.16)

What are you doing today? What are you doing this summer? Where will you move when you retire? How do you answer questions like these? No matter how we answer them specifically, as followers of Christ, we should preface those answers with, “If the Lord allows.” This is how Paul talked in 1Corinthians 16.  IN this chapter Paul is laying out for his readers his traveling plans. After listing a few places he intends to go he tells the Corinthians that he desires to spend some time with them, “if the Lord permits.”(v.7) Paul recognized that no matter how much he planned ultimately all things would be determined by the sovereign will of the God he served. It would be wise for us to live under the same recognition. This does not mean that we necessarily have to make sure we start or end every sentence of our intentions with “If the Lord wills”, but even if we don’t we need to at least be thinking it. It might not, however, be a bad idea to make sure we say it often. There is something to be said for disciplining ourselves to talk Biblically.  Lets do it!, if the Lord wills! J

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