Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 23 (Ex. 6; Lk. 9; Job 23; 1 Cor. 10)

As we have been reading in Exodus no doubt our anticipation has been rising. Moses is providentially and unexpectantly rescued as a baby. He identifies with his people and flees from Pharaoh’s wrath. He spends 40 years in the desert learning to take care of sheep and finally comes into contact with the living God of his fathers. This God tells him to go back to Egypt and lead his people out of slavery. He has promised to deliver them. So when Moses goes to Pharaoh in chapter 5 we expect a mighty deliverance.  That is not what we get. Instead we see the suffering of the people increased and consequently they are ready to stone Moses. They are still slaves. God has not delivered them….yet.

Why is this? Exodus 6 gives us the answer. In this chapter God responds to Moses after Moses cried out, “Why did you send me here?” Notice what God says. Among many other things he says, “I will deliver you with an outstretched arm and with great acts of judgment.” (v.6) The people of Israel still did not know much about this God, nor did the people of Egypt. God wanted to change that. He wanted to show to His people and the people of Egypt just how powerful He was and is, so He was not going to bring about deliverance until He could demonstrate that. All of history is like a huge painter’s canvas. On this canvas God is displaying the glory of Himself. This is the lesson for us today. Do not worry or fret in times of trouble. Know that in those times God is doing something to show just how glorious He is. How does that help us you might wonder? Because in doing this, in displaying His glory for us, we get the greatest delight imaginable. Rejoice in your glorious God today who has delivered you with a mighty hand through the blood of Jesus.

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