Thursday, February 24, 2011

March 30, 2009 (Leviticus 1; Jn. 20; Prov. 17; Phil. 4)

Do you ever find yourself saying, “If only I was around in the time when Jesus walked this earth then “so and so…”. You can fill in the blank any way you choose. I think we often feel as if we are slighted by the fact that we live in the time and place in which God has sovereingly placed us to exist. One of the many reasons that John 20:24-29 is in the bible is to squelch all such “if only” assertions.
This is the famous “doubting Thomas” passage in which the resurrected Lord appears to Thomas and tells him to touch his wounds so as to have the proof he desired to validate that Jesus, was in fact, alive. Once Thomas sees the Lord he falls down in worship and exclaims, “My Lord and my God!”. This is the climax of the whole gospel. Notice how Jesus responds to his amazing statement of faith. He says, “Thomas you believe because you see. More blessed are those who do not see yet believe.”
This is amazing! This means that although the visual tangible evidence of Jesus’ resurrection is not at our disposal we can nevertheless have the same experience Thomas had as he looked Jesus eyeball to eyeball. In fact, ours is the more “blessed” because ours is a more satisfied faith. Our faith is satisfied with the evidence that God has provided and we do not yearn for authenticating visions or miracles or experiences. We trust God’s word alone and we are blessed. Faith is no leap in the dark; it is a glorious step into the light and the light is cast by God’s word. Trust in that and be blessed today.

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